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Our Story

So one day in 2007, I decided that I didn’t want to put a weave in my hair.  Hair weaves were starting to thin out my already thin, curly and fine hair.  I just wanted a cute quick hair style for a family picture. That was the day that I created my first hair piece, a hair piece that I could quickly clip in and not cause further damage to my hair.  The family picture was a success and my hair went unscathed. Afterwards, I just unclipped it and that was that.


Then in 2010, I got a weave in the front of my hair, similar to the units on this site.  That night I couldn’t sleep.  It felt as if someone was pulling my hair completely out.  Around midnight, I got up and carefully removed the hair weave from my head.  Afterwards, I sat there at 2am trying to figure out how to wear this hair style without the pain.  That’s when I thought about the unit that I created for my family picture in 2007.  That night at 2am I created what you see now on this site, “Executive Crowns”.  A stylist friend of mine named it, “Ro’s Throws”, however, I recently decided to change the name to cater to other professional women, fellow lady entrepreneur’s and Mom’s.  We all have hard work to do, and dang it!! We want to look good doing it!   


I hope to disrupt the lace front weave world this summer and give other women like myself the freedom to wear a hairpiece that you don’t have to glue to your head.  Your scalp can breath, while you join me in a healthy hair journey.  Also, if you have an Alopecia issue, hopefully one of these hairpiece units can cover your problem area while you treat or just simply hide the area.  If not, you can contact me and we can consult to see if I can create something unique for your situation in the same price range.


I am a proud Army Veteran and I am proud of my creations.  My collection has been thoughtfully and carefully created.  Please browse through our product gallery and experience shopping with Executive Crowns for yourself.  Other creations will be consistently  added for your consideration in the near future.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us with questions, comments or suggestions. 




4020 Old Town Road, Huntingtown, MD 20639


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